Posting Schedule

The schedule for posts, at least for now, is as follows:

Monday: Countdown/Top Five-

I just count down some of my favorite…whatever, in the worlds of gaming/anime!

Tuesday: Animanga Tuesday-

I talk about an anime or manga that has caught my interest in the past- maybe introducing new series to whoever may be interested, or providing some good memories for those who have experienced them.

Wednesday: Reactions/Reviews

I’ll be watching a new anime, or reading a new manga every week or two, so Wednesdays will be for sharing my thoughts about the stories I haven’t experienced quite yet!

Thursday: Throwback Gaming –

Similarly to Tuesday, I’ll just talk about a video game that I have played before, and share some good memories!

Friday: Analytical Gaming/Anime Post –

These posts will be the long, in-depth ones, analyzing the stories that many series have to offer, dissecting their symbolism, their inspirations, lessons, and characters.

Of course, if, at any point, the urge to write strikes, you can bet that there can be more than this during a week!