RB Weekly News #9: Live-Action Anime, Legend of Zelda Redesigns, and Frostkeep Studios!

Heyo guys, RB Weekly News number 9 is here, and although nothing too unique or mind-blowing happened this week, there are still quite a few interesting tidbits of information to talk about!

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My Top 22 Overwatch Heroes! 10-6

Alright, getting into the top 10, let’s go.

Once again, I am not judging by gameplay mechanics, I am mostly judging based on character design and backstory.  What kind of personality do they have, does it make sense, is it unique?  These are the kinds of questions I’m asking in judging these heroes, and as such, it’ll be extremely subjective.  It’s purely my opinion.  With that out of the way, let’s start the top ten! Continue reading “My Top 22 Overwatch Heroes! 10-6”

My Top 22 Overwatch Heroes! 16-11

Back at it again, continuing the countdown of my top 22 favorite Overwatch Heroes!

We’re gonna get right into it, but I’ll just go over the criteria I’m using here.  I’m judging the characters primarily by backstory and personality, rather than specific gameplay elements.  It’ll be more on their design as a fleshed-out character, rather than how they work in-game.  And yes, this is an opinion- personal preference is certainly going to be present.  With that said, let’s get into it!

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My Top 22 Overwatch Heroes! 22-17

Overwatch.  The most recent big gaming phenomenon, boasting well over 20 million separate players, it’s been universally lauded as one of the best team-based shooter games in recent years.  On that note, it’s been specifically noted to be a spiritual successor to Team Fortress 2, based on gameplay, its colorful world and style, and specifically, its characters.

Debatably the biggest thing that Overwatch has, compared to other shooter games, is its colorful cast of playable characters.  From the poster girl of the bunch, Tracer, to even the lesser known characters like Symmetra and Torbjorn, they all have some sort of personality, great designs, and gameplay that is well-designed and fun!  That being said, any player of the game will say that they have their favorites, their least favorites, and I’d like to talk about mine.

As far as judging goes, I’ll be using the backgrounds and personalities of the characters as a base, while considering both their designs and gameplay elements.  I’m not the most competitive Overwatch player in the world, so I won’t be judging completely based on how good a character is in the meta, rather, it’ll mostly be my personal thoughts on the character’s story, depth, and personality.  With that all said, let’s get to it, starting with number 22! Continue reading “My Top 22 Overwatch Heroes! 22-17”