My Top Ten Happenings of E3!

Two weeks ago, a pretty big event in the gaming world took place.

E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, provided us all with a look at what the gaming world has to look forward to over the coming years.  Of course, some companies did well, some companies did bad, but regardless, the coming together of every major name in the industry bore some very, very interesting fruit.

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The Top Five Most Anticipated Games of 2017!

Heyo.  Good to be back!

So, a new year has started, and that means a new year of gaming, new seasons of anime, new things to look forward to all around!  And man.  Either way, you’ve got some great, great things to look forward to.  One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Code freaking Geass? That’s not even mentioning other anime that look just as promising!

However, that’s not the topic for today- today, we’re gonna be looking at the video games that 2017 has in store for us.  There’s quite a few things to be excited about in the world of gaming, and I’d like to go through my personal most anticipated games for the year.  This list is all my opinion, heavily weighed by personal bias and experience, so just keep that in mind- there’s a lot of great games to come, and it’d be tough to cover them all.  That being said, let’s get to it!

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