RB Weekly News #14: ESports at the Olympics, and an Attack on Titan Planetarium Show

What’s up.  Bit late, but ya know.  Life happens.

RB Weekly News back again, this time with some rather interesting news regarding ESports, the new Pokemon anime, and of course, yet ANOTHER form of Attack on Titan media!

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Pewdiepie, Crunchyroll, and Nintendo DLC? RB Weekly News #5!

Heyo, Ayron back with the fourth RB Weekly News, and this time around, we got some Youtube controversy, the announcement of an anime that many will be happy to hear of, and a surprising move on the part of Nintendo, that has fans divided!

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A Review of RWBY Volume 4!

I know that Fridays are usually for analysis, but man, RWBY Volume 4 just wrapped up, and I’ve gotta talk about this crazy, crazy ride.

Another winter season, another volume of RWBY wrapped up.  After the emotional mess that was Volume 3, the story of RWBY seemed to gain so much scope than before- there was a new, unheard of villain, Maidens with supernatural powers, and a whole world yet to be explored.  The world of Remnant had opened up, the plot had began to move, and the characters we knew and loved for three volumes already now had a chance to grow.  So, riding off the hype of Volume 3, how did Volume 4 do?

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Sword Art Online, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the Passing of a Gaming Legend: RB Weekly News #3

Heyo guys, Ayron back with some more news on the gaming and anime worlds!  The week’s been pretty interesting, full of good and bad, so let’s not dilly-dally- let’s get to it!

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My Five Favorite Indie Browser Games!

Here’s a fun one.  Does anyone remember the days of Newgrounds, of Armorgames, Addictinggames?  I don’t know about you, but I spent much of my adolescence online, playing random games that popped up.  Of course, many of these games are better, or worse, than others, and among the treasure trove that is the internet, there are many gems that stand out in a huge way, for one reason or another.

Some of these games become actual apps, such as Kingdom Rush or Gemcraft, and others gain their own crazy followings, such as Clicker Heroes, and still others remain unknown, but great if you can find them, hidden gems, if you will.  There’s mountains of such games, and I’d just like to dedicate a post to those browser games that stuck out to me most.

As opposed to other lists or countdowns I have done, the order won’t reflect my opinion on what’s the BEST online game.  Simply put, the games I list will be the ones that stuck out to me, and are experiences that I believe would be worth your time to check out.  There are many genres of such games, and, to keep the list varied, any one genre will not appear more than once.  Also, I’ll be putting links to the games after every entry, so if you have some free time, maybe you can check them out!  With that out of the way, let’s get into it!

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