Lucid 9: Dissociation, Stress, and Breaking the Mind

Lucid 9.  I assume if you’re reading this now, you’ve already played through Lucid 9 and are looking for content on it.  But if you haven’t, here’s the rundown: it’s a visual novel centered around one Yama Ishimoto, who is dealing with the fallout of a series of murders, and the effect it is having on his school.  Being the protagonist he is he gets himself involved, without realizing that his crusade to discover the murderer may very well end with him becoming one.

I have a review here covering what I think of the visual novel, but if you’d rather not, just take my word for it: it’s pretty good.  What I love most about it though, is how it handles the psychology behind it all.  Considering Yama in particular, the story builds up in such a way that you really get a sense of just how messed up he becomes, and from a psychological point of view, it WORKS.

Yama struggles, faces conflict, and potentially loses his mind, and I’ll show you now how it all works.  This is going to be a comprehensive look at Yama’s mental state throughout the visual novel, so yes, there will be HUGE spoilers, and it’s gonna be a heavy read.  If you haven’t gotten through Lucid 9, I recommend you play through it first, or.  You know. You can play through it after.  Your choice fam.

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Reading Between Reviews: Lucid 9 Inciting Incident

Imagine for a moment, that you and your friends live a relatively normal high school life.

Lucid 9 is a free mystery visual novel released relatively recently: April 14th of this year.  Despite boasting rather impressive ratings for a free visual novel, averaging above 80% on Steam, it remains relatively unknown, being…well.  A free visual novel, with no advertising.  I’d like to do my part to change that, as, despite some obvious weak points, Lucid 9 can hold its own, presenting an intriguing story that has great stand out moments, and sets up well for the next installment in the series (because there will be another).

Oh yes: there will be no spoilers in this review, I’ll just be covering the absolute basics of what the visual novel has to offer, just so those of you who haven’t played the game, if anyone, can experience it for yourself.  With that being said, let’s get into it!

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