My Top Ten Favorite Stories: #1

Here we are, my favorite story of all time.  Let’s go.

So, up to this point, there’s been a variety of stories that I could call my favorites.  They, at least in my eyes, are some of the best stories of their respective mediums, and have all influenced how I view, and judge stories even today.  However, no story up to this point has influenced my view of storytelling in general than my number one, which I experienced for the first time three years ago.

Suffice to say, my view on stories has changed a lot since then.

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Why YOU Should Read Goodnight Punpun

I was at a loss for what to write about for a while.  Should I go back to something something Xenoblade Chronicles, should I talk about another anime I’ve been watching, should I enter the world of visual novels on this blog?  After all, this IS still a new blog.   But then, I revisited this old gem, and damn.  I feel like I’ve been saying nothing but either positive, or analytical stuff, but I’d like to indulge myself one more time to talk about one of my personal favorite stories of all time, Oyasumi Punpun, or Goodnight Punpun, by Inio Asano.

This post will be heavily, HEAVILY based on opinion, and opinion alone, so if that doesn’t interest you, then.  Well.  Eh.  What can ya do.  Regardless, for those who continue onward, let’s get talking about life, humanity, and what exactly makes this story one of the all-time greats.

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