My Top Ten Favorite Stories: 3-2

So, we’ve into my top three- the stories that have inspired me the most to write, to talk, to keep experiencing more and more new things.

For the most part, I acknowledge that these stories have their flaws, but for whatever reason, they’ve certainly hit home for me.  Of course, there’s DEFINITELY quality behind these works in some way, or else they wouldn’t be up here, but, overall, you guys are getting personal over objective judgment here.

Let get back into it!

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To The Moon: A Look at Gaming’s Greatest Romance

You know, earlier this week, I was considering doing a gaming related countdown in regards to romance.  Maybe top five romances in gaming?  Top five online dating sims?  You know the ones.  Stupid Newgrounds.  But the thing is, romance in gaming, let’s be honest here, hasn’t been done very well, the focus in Western Games is primarily on the action.  It’s all about the fun that can be had, with first person shooters, third person shooters, figthing games, and even in the case of RPGs, the focus is normally on the complexity of the story, or the depth of the gameplay.

Basically, true romance rarely serves any major role in a Western game.  This is where the 2011 indie game, To The Moon comes in, providing a story that creates in my opinion, the greatest love story of any video game thus far.

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Katawa Shoujo: a VN Underdog Story

Before we start off, Happy Valentine’s Day!  May Cupid bring you a good romantic anime to watch, a sweet manga to read, or a nice Romance VN to play!

That being said, however.

To my knowledge, Visual Novels are the least-acknowledged Japanese medium.  It’s an interesting concept, mixing pictures with text, yet, for some reason, I feel it’s much more common to see people into anime, even manga compared to Visual Novels.  Perhaps they’re harder to get into?

Well, that being said, there’s one visual novel I came across, just a few years ago, that made quite a stir on the internet.  Supposedly a wonderful experience that emerged from the depths of 4chan, many skeptics downloaded the game expecting perverse trash, leaving instead with shattered hearts.  Being a skeptic myself, I decided to try it, as it was apparently a good first experience in the world of Visual Novels.  Lo and behold, I’m here now, as are many others, still unable to forget about the experience of Katawa Shoujo.

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Some of My Favorites: Five Great Couples in Anime!

Ah, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us.  Love is in the air, couples are doing their couple thing, and it’s time for those of us without relationships to stay inside and watch romantic anime.  Because.  Ya know.  That’s obviously the correct thing to do.

Romance in anime is everywhere.  It’s kind of inescapable, and you KNOW that any anime ever conceived has had some sort of character pairing, official or unofficial.  Of course, among these romances, there are some that stand out.  A pairing of two characters that bring the best out of each other, help each other when the other person is down, and are just freaking adorable together.

I’ll admit that romance is not my forte when it comes to anime, but at the same time, when I see a good one, I can’t help but just absolutely enjoy what I see.  This list will basically consist of the couples in anime that I consider to be the best.  They were good for each other, made each other happy, and their time on-screen together made my heart that much warmer.  Let’s get to it!

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