Crafting The Perfect Story: The Three Elements of Storytelling

Everyone looks at stories differently.  It’s why people have differing opinions when it comes to stories that we enjoy.  Some of us like anime, manga, or other similar Japanese stories.  Others enjoy the attachment of watching actors on the big screen, or experiencing stories first-hand through a video game.

Stories are universal, but as we all know, every story won’t work for everyone.  Knowing that, I’d like to introduce you today to what I consider my Three Elements of Storytelling–the three factors, that I believe makes a story great, from an objective point of view.

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My Top Five Narratives in Anime!

Anime has the potential to be many things.  It can be pure entertainment, it can provide social commentary, and can spark extreme amounts of emotion.  It can be many different things, but one of the things I’ve loved seeing the most has been a good, strong, narrative.

Narratives have often been associated with literature- epic, iconic stories passed down through the ages.  From the Epic of Gilgamesh, to Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, we’ve come a long way.   And now, I believe such stories can be told through mediums like video games, manga, western animations, and of course, anime.

This will be an opinionated list, as to what anime I consider to have the greatest narratives.  I’ve looked for symbolism, thematic consistency, a concrete story, and enjoyable characters to follow, in judging this list.  Also, I will only be including anime I have personally watched fully- so sadly, I will not be including some old classics that I haven’t gotten to watch quite yet.  All that being said, let’s start it off!

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